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Voices of Apple Health

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Voices of Apple Health

Lisa Nguyen Jazmin and Kyra Williams

Lisa Nguyen


Access to health care allows student to pursue education stress-free.

Jazmin Williams

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Jazmin tells her story about how CHIP health coverage has kept her daughter happy and healthy.

Customer service team Renae Lingenfelter

Customer service team

Apple Health (Medicaid)

Our eligibility customer service team helps people get signed up for health coverage when they need it most. Some of our staff share their stories about helping people.

Renae Lingenfelter


Apple Health gives life to those with chronic disease.

Shayne Tackett Mary Hart

Shayne Tackett


Mother and daughter have a better life because of Apple Health.

Mary Hart


Apple Health provides otherwise unaffordable, life-saving medication for HIV patient.

Melissa Rivera and Jennifer Rodriguez Leah Wainman

Melissa Rivera and Jennifer Rodriguez


Apple Health outreach staff help spread the word about free and low-cost health insurance.

Leah Wainman


Apple Health and community partners help improve the health of the Latino population in Washington.

Ashleigh Debuse Shylo Williamson

Ashleigh Debuse


Apple Health brings stability to lives of young couple.

Shylo Williamson


"I can't begin to explain how much Apple Health has helped me."

Sacha Bliese Shelley Byington

Sacha Bliese


"I wouldn't be able to afford health insurance otherwise."

Shelley Byington


"We were not alone in this awful process."

Caleb Chamberlain Roger Colling

Caleb Chamberlain


"I found a free health plan. Then, when I got really sick, I was able to go to the doctor without worrying about big bills."

Roger Collings


Apple Health "gives me a sense of security."

Jose Rodriguez Anne Bybee

Jose Rodriguez


Helping people navigate their way to Washington Apple Health.

Anne Bybee


Apple Health has “given her such peace of mind.”