Mother and daughter have a better life because of Apple Health

Shayne Tackett and daughter in front of daughter's artwork on the wall

Shayne Tackett

Shayne Tackett says she wouldn't be alive today without Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage. 

Growing up, Shayne had access to health coverage through Medicaid. When she turned 18, her health coverage ended. She went the next 15 years without any health insurance. 

Shayne struggled with drug addiction for many years, and was unable to afford health insurance that covered treatment programs. Shayne never went to the doctor when she didn't have health coverage. 

At 33, she got pregnant. She knew she needed help. When Shayne went to a Department of Social and Health Services local community services office to apply for food assistance, the caseworker helped her sign up for Apple Health coverage through They also helped her look at options for treatment.

Once she enrolled in Apple Health, she was able to immediately enter into drug treatment. Apple Health covered her treatment completely, and still pays for her ongoing recovery support. Medicaid is often the only option for individuals who need life-saving treatment for substance use disorder.

“Having Apple Health has affected every aspect of my life. My sobriety – there was no hope for recovery before I got insurance. It’s a miracle I’m still alive,” Tackett said.

Shayne has been sober since. Her daughter, Ripley, is five years old now. 

“She has a good life because of Apple Health.”

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