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Many Washington residents need help paying for prescription drugs. The Washington Prescription Drug Program (WPDP) offers a state-sponsored program to provide savings to Washingtonians. The ArrayRx card also provides discounts on over the counter medications without a prescription.

Need a hand paying for your prescription drugs? The ArrayRx discount card can help.


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ArrayRx Discount Card

The ArrayRx card provides prescription drug discounts for those who don't have prescription drug coverage.

January 1, 2022 we changed our name from WPDP Discount Card to ArrayRx card. You will need to re-enroll in the new program ArrayRx card, if you have not already. The same benefits apply, Walgreen's is now in network, and we have two mail order options: Postal Prescription Services (PPS) and Costco.

Who is eligible to receive an ArrayRx card?

All Washington State residents can sign up for free and receive the ArrayRx card. There are no age or income restrictions. The discount card does not cover prescription drugs prescribed to animals.

Who can benefit from the ArrayRx card?

Washington residents who do not have prescription drug insurance coverage, or have limited coverage, can enroll in the ArrayRx Discount Card program to purchase their medications at a discounted price. All Washingtonians can use the card to get discounts on over-the-counter medications without a prescription. If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, you can use the discount card when you know you will not meet your deductible.

The ArrayRx card will give you discounts on prescription drugs not covered by your insurance plan, and can be used by Medicare beneficiaries who do not have Part D coverage. It cannot be combined with insurance, Medicaid or Medicare pharmacy benefits, or used to cover any out-of-pocket copayment from your insurance plan. At the point of sale, choose to use your ArrayRx card or your insurance coverage, which ever gives you a better price.

Learn more about ArrayRx

Visit the ArrayRx Discount Card website to find out:

  • How to enroll.
  • Which participating pharmacies are near you.
  • What your prescriptions will cost.
  • How the program works.


Drug manufacturer rebate contracts do not offer rebates on drugs purchased using the discount card. Therefore, WPDP does not collect rebates for drugs purchased through the ArrayRx card program.

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You can bulk order:

  • The ArrayRx card flyer in 8.5x11" in Spanish or English.
  • The ArrayRx card QR code in 2-sided business card size to hand out to clients.

To order the ArrayRx card flyer in 8.5x11" in Russian or Vietnamese, email us the following information: 

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