Long-term disability insurance premiums (Unpaid Leave only)

Find out your monthly costs for employer-paid and employee-paid long-term disability (LTD) insurance.

Employer-paid LTD insurance

lf you choose to continue LTD coverage while on PEBB Continuation Coverage (Unpaid Leave), you must pay the $2.10 monthly premium.

Employee-paid LTD premiums

Employee-paid LTD premiums are based on:

  1. What type of employee you are.
  2. Which coverage level you select.
  3. How much you earn.

To find your premium quickly, use the premium calculator on The Standard's website.

These rates are based on the employee's age on January 1, 2023.

Coverage level Higher-education
employees retirement plan employees
TRS, PERS, and other retirement plan employees
60 percent 0.0059 0.0047
50 percent 0.0035 0.0028


For example, for a higher-education employee earning $5,000 per month prior to disability and enrolling in the 60-percent benefit, the monthly premium would be 0.0059 multiplied by 5,000, which equals $29.50.

Criteria Calculation
Earnings: $ 5,000 per month
60 percent coverage x 0.0059
Monthly cost: $ 29.50


For enrollment and premium payments contact The PEBB Program

For benefits or plan details
Standard Insurance Company
Phone: 1-800-368-2860