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Long-term disability insurance premiums

Find out the monthly cost for supplemental long-term disability (LTD) insurance.

Supplemental LTD plan premiums

Your monthly supplemental LTD premium is based on your age and your predisability earnings (your monthly gross pay before you became disabled). To calculate your premium, multiply your monthly gross pay (up to $16,667) by the appropriate age-banded rate (your age as of January 1 each year) shown below.

Age Rate
Under 30 0.0014
30-34 0.0019
35-39 0.0029
40-44 0.0041
45-49 0.0056
50-54 0.0077
55-59 0.0093
60-64 0.0096
65+ 0.0098

Example #1

If your monthly earnings are $1,000, the 40-44 rate would cost $4.10 per month.

Earnings $1,000 per month
40-44 rate x 0.0041
Monthly cost $4.10


For help with enrollment and premium payments
Your payroll or benefits office

For help with benefits or plan details
The Standard Insurance Company
Phone: 1-833-229-4177
Online: The Standard for school employees