Making informed health care decisions

Health care can be complicated. But as the consumer, you can be an active participant in your health. This page includes resources and tools to help you take charge of your health care.

Choosing a primary care doctor

It's important to have a primary care doctor you know and trust.

Choosing procedures wisely

Some of the most common medical procedures may be overused. The Washington Health Alliance's Choosing Wisely campaign focuses on cervical cancer screening, antibiotics, cardiac and other imaging, and early elective births.

Understanding health insurance coverage

Owning your health

As health care consumers, we have a big role in making sure we get the right care. The Washington Health Alliance's Own Your Health campaign offers tools and resources to help make sure you are getting high quality care, and a good experience at a fair price.

Making shared decisions with your provider

Shared decision making is a process that allows patients and their providers to make health care decisions together, taking into account the best scientific evidence available, as well as the patient’s values and preferences.

Patient decision aids are tools that can help people engage in shared health decisions with their health care provider. Research shows that use of patient decision aids leads to increased knowledge, more accurate risk perception, and fewer patients remaining passive or undecided about their care.

Finding support during serious illness or end of life

Know what your options are when you or a loved one are recovering from a serious illness or entering the end stages of life.