Trauma-informed approach


Imagine a world where we interact with every life we meet as if we knew their story of hardship and trial—and engaged with them from that knowledge. Welcome to trauma-informed approach (TIA)

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What is trauma-informed approach?

Dr. Isaiah Pickens, Ph.D., an expert on cultivating trauma-informed approaches, explains:

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Learn how to implement a trauma-informed approach in your agency

In 2019, HCA awarded nearly 1.4 million dollars in grants to organizations across the state to build on the trauma-informed work already happening across the state, and to support interest that had been previously unfunded.

To hear more from providers that participated in this initiative and what they learned, watch our webinar on trauma-informed approaches

Expand your trauma-informed footprint

Use the following list of self-evaluation tools to explore how you can increase trauma-informed approach across your agency.


    Online training

    The following online courses on trauma-informed approach (TIA) are available in English and Spanish:

    • TIA overview for everyone
    • TIA for agency leaders
    • TIA for staff
    • TIA for supervisors

    How do I sign up? 

    You will use the Bridge app to sign up for training. You must have a Bridge account before you can register for a course. 

    1. Go to the TIA Washington Training Center.
    2. Scroll down the page to register for Bridge.
    3. Once you have created a Bridge account, log into Bridge to register for a training. 
    4. You will receive a welcome invitation from TIA Washington to access the courses.