Presentations on various topics posted for provider reference.

The presentations below are from past webinars and training sessions. They act as supporting tools for the ProviderOne Billing and Resource Guide and the hospital and professional billing guides.

For Tribal billing presentations, please visit the Tribal meetings and consultations page.

Training for provider staff

We offer several training presentations your staff can use to get up and running in the ProviderOne portal. They are complete overviews of navigating the portal, verifying eligibility, submitting direct data entry claims, and other useful information about the Medicaid program.

Mental incapacity evaluation (MIE) and medical record company (MRC) providers

For providers submitting claims for MIE services:

Submitting institutional claims

For providers submitting institutional claims for clients with Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), who also have Medicare or primary insurance through a commercial carrier:

Billing a Medicaid client

This webinar describes when a provider may bill an Apple Health (Medicaid) client for health care services:

Enrolling pharmacists into ProviderOne

These are step-by-step instructions for enrolling pharmacists into ProviderOne:

Nursing home providers

Prior authorization

Learn how to submit prior authorization requests using the direct data entry feature in ProviderOne:

Learn how to submit prior authorization requests using the General Information for Authorization form 13-835:

Note: The prior authorization process for physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), long-term acute care (LTAC), inpatient psychiatric, and ambulance providers has not changed.

Submitting authorization requests for pharmacy services