Waiving medical coverage

You can waive your enrollment in SEBB medical coverage if you are enrolled in another employer-based group medical insurance, a TRICARE plan, or Medicare.

If you waive enrollment in medical coverage, you must still enroll in dental and vision. You will be automatically enrolled in basic life, basic accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), employer-paid and employee-paid long-term disability (LTD) insurance. If you do nothing, you will be automatically enrolled in medical, dental, and vision coverage. Learn more about how to enroll.  

How do I waive enrollment?

Use SEBB My Account, or submit the School Employee Enrollment form to your payroll or benefits office.

By when?

  • Newly eligible: No later than 31 days after the date you become eligible for SEBB benefits.
  • Annual open enrollment: No later than the last day of annual open enrollment.
  • Special open enrollment: No later than 60 days after the life event. What’s a special open enrollment?

What happens if I waive?

Can I waive SEBB and enroll in PEBB?

You may waive your enrollment in a SEBB medical plan to enroll in a PEBB medical plan only if you are also enrolled in a PEBB dental plan. In doing so, you waive your enrollment in SEBB dental and vision. You cannot enroll in both SEBB and PEBB health plans at the same time. 

How do I enroll if I previously waived?

If you waived enrollment, you can reenroll during the next annual open enrollment (for coverage effective January 1 of the following year), or if you have a life event that creates a special open enrollment event


Your payroll or benefits office