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Am I eligible?

The short answer? You may be.

The PEBB Program will determine your eligibility after we receive all your forms and supporting documents — based on PEBB Program rules (refer to Related laws and rules at the bottom of this page for details).

Whether you decide to enroll or defer, you need to meet certain criteria and complete certain tasks. This page provides an overview of those requirements.

Note: Retiree eligibility and enrollment timelines are extended due to COVID-19 through an emergency resolution

Who is eligible?

Retiring or separating employees of a:

  • State agency.
  • State higher-education institution.
  • PEBB-participating employer group.
  • Washington school district, educational service district, or charter school.


  • A surviving dependent.
  • An elected or full-time appointed official of the legislative or executive branch of state government who leaves public office.

For legal definitions, refer to Related laws and rules at the bottom of this page.

What if I am eligible as a retiree and a dependent?

You cannot enroll in medical or dental coverage under two PEBB accounts. If you and your spouse or state-registered domestic partner (SRDP) are both eligible, you will need to decide which of you will enroll and cover the other as a dependent. You may also enroll separately if you and your spouse or SRDP are both eligible. 

Real-world example

You and your SRDP are independently eligible for PEBB retiree insurance coverage. Since you cannot have medical or dental coverage under two accounts, you decide to defer your enrollment in PEBB retiree insurance coverage and enroll as a dependent on your SRDP’s PEBB retiree insurance coverage.

How is eligibility determined?

The PEBB Program determines eligibility once you submit the Retiree Election Form (form A) and supporting documents. We use the eligibility rules and requirements defined by Washington Administrative Codes (WACs). Refer to Related laws and rules at the bottom of this page.)

There are two types of requirements

You must meet both.

  • Procedural (enrollment) requirements = tasks you must complete within a certain timeframe
  • Eligibility requirements = criteria you must meet

Important! If you do not meet the procedural requirements (i.e., complete the required tasks) within the given timeframes, you may lose your opportunity to enroll

How does enrollment or deferral work? 

  1. Meet the criteria to enroll in or defer enrollment in PEBB retiree insurance coverage. The PEBB Program will determine if you meet criteria once you submit your forms and submitting documents.
  2. Submit your forms, any required documents, and first payment (if enrolling). We must receive your materials by the deadline. Eligibility is based on receipt date, not postmark.
  3. The PEBB Program determines your eligibility. If you submit an incomplete application, we will contact you requesting more information. 
  4. If you are found eligible, enrollment or deferral begins, based on your situation and when we receive your materials. If you are not eligible, we will notify you, explain why, and list possible next steps.

Tasks you must do and criteria you must meet

What you need to do — and the criteria you must meet — depends on your situation and whether you are enrolling in, or deferring enrollment in, PEBB retiree insurance coverage.

For details visit:

Can I lose eligibility?

Yes. There are a number of reasons you might lose eligibility.

  • You miss a deadline for enrolling or deferring.
  • You don't meet the criteria to enroll or defer.
  • You defer coverage and are unable to provide proof of other qualifying medical coverage when you wish to enroll after deferral.
  • You choose to cancel coverage.

How do I make sure I don't lose eligibility?

The most important thing you can do to protect your eligibility is to submit Retiree Election Form (form A) by the required deadline.

For details on what you must do, when you must do them, and what criteria you must meet, visit How do I enroll? or How do I defer?

If I lose eligibility, can I become eligible again?

Yes, you can become eligible again by returning to employment in a PEBB or SEBB benefits-eligible position and, when you leave employment, meet the procedural (enrollment) and eligibility requirements.

Related laws and rules

Washington Administrative Codes (WAC) are the official rules used for PEBB Program eligibility and deferral.


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