Make a publication review request

Researchers with Health Care Authority (HCA) data agreements must submit a draft of their report or publication for HCA review prior to finalizing or submitting the written report or publication.

Ready to get started with your publication review?

How do I make a request?

Log into the HCA Support portal and complete the online Publication Review Request form, attaching your report or publication.

Accessing the form

  1. Go to the HCA Support portal.
  2. Select either Public inquiry or Agency to agency inquiry, depending on your situation.
    • If you select Public inquiry, you will need a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account. Learn how to create one.
    • If you select Agency to agency inquiry, you should be logged in automatically through your network login. If you are not, you may need to log in through Public inquiry.
  3. Once you are logged into the portal, select Make a request.
  4. Select Data request.
  5. Select Publication Review Request.

When will I hear from HCA?

HCA will contact you no later than 15 days after your submission.

How do I modify a request?

If you are requesting a modification to an existing agreement, please reach out to your HCA contact. If you're unsure who to contact, you may submit a request via the HCA Support portal.

Need help?

If you are unable to submit through HCA Support or have questions regarding HCA data requests, please reach out to the HCA data team.