Tribal relations


Tribal Affairs provides support and communication with tribes and tribal-related organizations for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) health care.


  • Offer information to American Indians and Alaska Natives regarding health care coverage options, crisis services and transitional care planning, and mental health and substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery support.
  • Manage Indian Nation Agreements (INA) and other agreements with tribes, tribal related organizations, and Indian health care providers for their delivery of  health related programs. 
  • Develop policies and programs in partnership with tribes and Indian health care providers. 
  • Provide technical assistance and training to HCA staff on government-to-government relations and cultural humility.
  • Meet and communicate regularly with tribes, tribal-related organizations and Indian health care providers.
  • Collaborate with tribes and Indian health care providers to develop and maintain government-to-government plans for crisis, care coordination and transition planning, and mutual program goals.  
    • Work with Administrative Service Organizations (ASO), Managed Care Organizations, and service providers to implement the government-to-government plans. 
  • Facilitate meetings between HCA and tribes, including Tribal Consultations.
  • Respond to tribal-related questions and issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to tribes, Indian health care providers, and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) on HCA policies for Apple Health (Medicaid) claims submission and adjudication.  
  • Assist tribes and Indian health care providers with issues and concerns.