Provider data dashboard

The provider dashboard contains various sets of interactive provider data and displays active current counts of specific provider categories and types. Provider data is broken down by Washington State counties.

The dashboard will continue to evolve to present timely and relevant provider data. The dashboard is updated on a monthly basis.

Find information for active current Medicaid and social service providers in Washington.


The provider dashboard has interactive filters and a map of Washington State with all 39 counties to provide information on the current active count of Washington State Medicaid and social service providers.

What kind of questions can the dashboard answer?

  • What is the current active count of a specific provider?
  • What is the current active count of a provider type?
  • What is the historical active count of specific providers and provider types?
  • What county are the providers in?
  • How does the data compare to other counties?

How to use the dashboard

There are two tabs in the dashboard:

  • Provider dashboard
  • About

To move between each tab, click the tab name on the top left.

Can I filter the dashboard?

Yes. Three main interactive filters allow you to explore the data:

  • Timeframe (rolling three-year look back from 2016-2019)
  • Provider category (billing provider, servicing provider, social service 1099 organizational provider, social service W2 individual provider, and 27 provider types)
  • Region (all 39 Washington State counties and out of state)

To interact with the dashboard using the option tools on the left:

  • Adjust the slider or click the left or right arrows to change the Timeframe.
  • Select different values in the Provider Category dropdown.
  • Select and deselect options from the Region dropdown.
  • Use multiple filters to focus in on specific provider data.
  • Use the state map to display proportions of providers by county.

To clear the fields and start over, click the Revert icon (left arrow + "Revert") on the top left.


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