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Val D smiling, looking at the camera

Val is a conservationist and animal lover; even getting her master’s degree in environmental science. After graduation in 2018, her temporary work and health insurance through her university also ended. Work performed during graduate school did not qualify her for unemployment and options for assistance were limited. Val’s struggle to find employment took a toll on her mental health.

After hearing about Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) through a friend, she applied for coverage through Applying was easy and when she reached out to a Washington Healthplanfinder customer support representative, she received a response right away. Val qualified for free health care coverage.

“It was a lifesaver for me… Apple Health helped me get the mental health treatment and prescriptions I needed to treat the anxiety and depression I was experiencing,” Val said. “It really helped me get back on my feet.”

Today, Val no longer needs Apple Health coverage and receives her health coverage through her employer. She wants you to know having health insurance is so much better than going without. More than anything, “Apple Health gives you the services you need when you need it the most,” shared Val.

Are you in need of free or low-cost health coverage? Find out if you qualify today! You can apply year-round online at

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