Health coverage provides whole-person care for family

Zenneth standing in a grove of trees, smilling

Zenneth and her family love to garden. Spending time outdoors improves her family’s health and mental well-being. She shared, “being healthy isn’t only about your body, it’s also important to care for your mind.” Another stress reliever for Zenneth is knowing her family has quality health coverage through Washington Apple Health (Medicaid).

During her first pregnancy, Zenneth and her husband moved to Washington to be closer to family. They found the application process for free or low-cost Apple Health coverage easy and user-friendly. Today, she manages her family’s coverage online using her secure Washington Healthplanfinder account.

Through prenatal care and well-child checkups, Apple Health has been there for her family every step of the way. During her pregnancies, Zenneth loved knowing she could go to the doctors of her choice for maternity and delivery care.

She shares the value of staying up to date on preventive care with her children because she didn’t grow up with access to annual health checkups. The quality coverage through Apple Health makes taking them to their wellness visits simple and her children look forward to going.

Zenneth and her husband stay on top of their yearly checkups with their primary care provider, including mental health counseling. It didn’t take long for them to find a counselor that accepts Apple Health coverage. Both are currently unemployed and actively looking for work so being able to fill their prescriptions with no copays has made a huge difference.

If you’re interested in applying for coverage, Zenneth wants you to know that Apple Health is free for anyone who qualifies, and there is no hassle in applying. “Apple Health has been with us through our good times and bad times,” said Zenneth. “It helped our family financially and spiritually.”

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