Apple Health Expansion

Learn about the Health Care Authority's (HCA) plan for Apple Health Expansion. 

What is Apple Health Expansion?

At the direction of the  legislature, Health Care Authority (HCA) is working toward the possibility of expanding health care coverage to more people. In 2022, the Legislature provided funding to HCA to explore what system and procedure changes would be needed to facilitate expansion. The 2023 legislative session will determine if HCA will implement the program.

Who might be eligible?

If the Legislature does enact the program HCA anticipates clients will be eligible if they:

  • Are a Washington resident age 19 or older, 

  • Have countable income under 138% of the federal poverty level, and 

  • Do not qualify for other Apple Health programs based on immigration status.

Updated eligibility standards for Apple Health Expansion will be provided if the program gets implemented. View eligibility and income charts for other Apple Health programs.

What services might be included?

Medical, dental, and behavioral health services will be covered. Transportation and interpreter services will be available. HCA is developing a benefit package for Apple Health Expansion with the goal of providing similar benefits and services as other Apple Health programs. View a full list of services covered by Apple Health.


HCA will coordinate outreach with stakeholders, community organizations, Health Benefit Exchange (HBE), and Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). Community education and outreach campaigns will provide linguistically appropriate support to facilitate enrollment for Apple Health Expansion.

Privacy data 

Apple Health Expansion will use existing Apple Health program data privacy and protection standards to ensure clients’ identity and information remain confidential. View HCA's notice of privacy practices for more information.

Next steps

  • HCA will request funding for Apple Health Expansion in the 2023 legislative session.
  • HCA is preparing the managed care contract and will begin negotiations with all five Apple Health managed care plans in mid-2023.