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What we're working on

We have two major projects under way to improve care coordination through health information technology.

Washington Link4Health - Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

"Enabling real time medical, dental, social service support, and behavioral health care information to follow the patient across care settings and over time – regardless of the insurer, plan, or provider."

The first service offered through Link4Health is the HCA Clinical Data Repository. When fully populated with clinical records, the CDR will provide authorized access to integrated records to help providers make treatment, medication, and referral decisions.

This effort will result in an integrated record for Apple Health (Medicaid) clients who may have moved from provider to provider or from health care plan to health care plan. To improve coordination of care and patient outcomes, complete and relevant real-time data must be delivered to the right provider, for the right patient, at the right time.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

"Helping hospitals and providers make the switch from unsecured, paper records to secure EHR systems."

We want to help hospitals and providers make the switch from unsecured, paper records to secure electronic health record systems. Through EHR systems, doctors and patients are able to work together to manage private and up-to-date health records, avoiding repetitive tests, and increasing efficiency.

Hospitals and eligible health care providers who serve Apple Health (Medicaid) clients in Washington state can get federal funding to set up and use certified electronic health record systems.

Our state has exceeded the initial participation and attestation goals. By the end of September 2016, participation included:


Paid for year 1  88     $63,781,127.00
Paid for year 2  78 $35,845,012.00
Paid for year 3  66 $24,811,014.00
Paid for year 4  46 $14,001,019.00

​Eligible Professionals

Paid for year 1 6,854 $145,017,113.00
Paid for year 2 2,972 $25,120,350.00
Paid for year 3 1,826 $15,481,338.00
Paid for year 4 888 $7,514,004.00
Paid for year 5 309 $2,623,667.00
paid for year 6 29 $246,500.00
Grand Total Paid   $334,441,114.00

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