Electronic health records (EHR) as a service

The Health Care Authority (HCA) is undertaking an effort to provide outpatient electronic health record (EHR) functionality to rural, behavioral health, and Tribal providers. The goal is to assist health care providers in their mission to provide better patient care at the point of care.

Program updates

As we continue to move forward through the EHR implementation, you can look to this location to house updates and milestones reached.


Providing access to and use of health information technology (HIT) builds a foundation to exchange health information between care providers to address the need for integration and transformation of physical, behavioral, and social services.

The goal of providing this service has been on our radar for some time, however the COVID-19 pandemic afforded HCA an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a statewide EHR. Working with the Oregon Community Health Information Network (OCHIN), we fast-tracked elements of an EHR solution, and quickly stood up an EHR-Lite platform to assist congregate care facilities.

The bulk of pre implementation work falls into two categories:

  • The Readiness Assessment
    The Readiness Assessment was initiated to begin sunsetting the State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan (SMHP), to assess providers’ current EHR, ability to exchange health information, and understand level of readiness of transition to a different solution.
  • The Planning Activity
    Gathering information and requirements for phase I offering of the EPIC platform. Defining the roles and responsibilities of the lead organization that will host and provide operational support of the EHR.

Provider demos

HCA and EPIC facilitated provider demonstrations of the EHR platform throughout September 2021. These were recorded and are available for review below. (You will need to provide contact information to view the demonstrations.)

Demo Focus area

Integrated Clinical Demo for Indian Healthcare Services

MyChart, consents, primary care visit, social determinants of health/Compass Rose

Integrated Clinical Demo for Behavioral Health

MyChart, BH screening tools, BH visit, analytics, social determinants of health

Integrated Clinical Demo for Rural Health

MyChart, primary care visit, social determinants of health/Compass Rose

Outpatient Revenue Cycle

PB and Claims, MyChart Bill Pay/Payment Plans

Patient Access

Cadence/Prelude, MyChart, Referrals, Eligibility, Financial Assistance

Patient Experience

MyChart, Welcome lite, e-visits, Care Companion

Long Term Care

Long Term Care module clinical overview

Inpatient Behavioral Health

Inpatient BH clinical workflows

Integrated Population Health

Healthy Planet, Care Everywhere/Interoperability, Campaigns

Next steps

  1. HCA will continue to work with EPIC to finalize the statement of work, contract, and base build of the EHR.
  2. HCA will continue to work to finalize the RFP for lead organization services. The chosen lead organization will work closely with HCA and EPIC during implementation to deliver project and consulting resources, oversight, and guidance.
    1. Release the RFP
    2. Review / evaluate proposals
    3. Interview process
    4. Onboard the lead organization and work with EPIC to initiate EHR implementation