The Treatment and Assessment Report Generation Tool (TARGET) is a web-based management and reporting system for client services provided by approximately 525 reporting agencies throughout the state. Users include county governments, tribes, and nonprofit organizations that provide client services.

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Note: This information is intended for authorized users of the TARGET System. It is current as of the publication date of each document.

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Transact service application rejection

What to do if registration for Target2000 is rejected at TRANSACT Washington.

"Your service application has been rejected from one of the DSHS/DBHRTransact Washington Applications."

Your application has been rejected for one or more of the following reasons.

Invalid TARGET Identifier

When you applied for your digital certificate, your agency director or county coordinator submitted a form to have your TARGET Identifier/User ID created. The TARGET Identifier/User ID was returned to you to complete your registration for the TARGET2000 service.

If you used the service code instead of your TARGET Identifier/User ID, please reregister for TARGET2000 and use your TARGET Identifier/User ID.

Name mismatch

The name you are applying with does not match the name associated with the digital certificate you are using. The TARGET2000 service is only available to agency director- or county coordinator-approved staff who have obtained a high level digital certificate. 


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