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SmartHealth is a fun, secure, easy-to-use website that supports you on your journey toward living well. This webpage offers ready-to-use resources for the organizations we work with to promote SmartHealth. For details such as who is eligible and how to qualify, go to either PEBB SmartHealth or SEBB SmartHealth.

Looking for employee details?

Go to PEBB SmartHealth

Why SmartHealth?

Here are three key reasons why SmartHealth will help you build, grow, and sustain an effective wellness program:

  1. Engage staff anytime, anywhere with the website or app.
  2. Easy access to useful data.
  3. Offer incentives to your staff even if you do not have a budget.

How do I get started?

To make sure your staff has access to SmartHealth at work, start by giving your IT or web team SmartHealth web access.

Then contact us so your wellness program can get access to these two key resources:

  1. SmartHealth Data Dashboard
    Easy way to track and measure your organization’s SmartHealth participation and more. Only for organizations with 50 or more subscribers.
  2. SmartHealth Well-being Assessment (WBA) report for organizations
    Learn more about the WBA reports.

Where can our staff or I learn more?

For details such as who is eligible and how to qualify, go to either PEBB SmartHealth or SEBB SmartHealth.

How do I promote?

We have ready-to-use resources to help you promote SmartHealth. We listed these in order starting with the easiest.

  1. Flyers
  2. Video
  3. Messages
  4. Stories
  5. Events
  6. Turnkey toolkit
  7. Activity tile library
  8. Health observances
  9. Team activities
  10. Custom activity
  11. Presentation



SmartHealth Stories video.


You can also find more messages focused on a specific SmartHealth activity from Turnkey toolkit.



Save the dates for these SmartHealth events.

  • SmartHealth WBA Week
    Celebrate your well-being with friends by completing the Well-being Assessment (WBA).

  • Governor Walks for SmartHealth
    The Governor Walks for SmartHealth is a fun walking event led by Governor Jay Inslee.
  • Leader Walks for SmartHealth
    August-September 2019
    Plan a walking event with your leadership team to highlight wellness at your worksite, get leaders involved, and bring staff together for a fun social event.

Turnkey toolkit

Quickly promote SmartHealth using a turnkey toolkit. Here is how:

  1. Choose a toolkit activity from the list below.
  2. Choose when you will promote the activity.
  3. Promote your activity by using the flyer and message.
    • Tip: If you promote one toolkit activity per month, you can easily plan a full-year of wellness campaigns. 
    • Flyer: Ready to use as is. To add details such as a logo or dates, use the white space at the bottom.
    • Message: Ready to use as is or edit to make it work for you.

Toolkit activities

Activity tile library

Use the content SmartHealth already offers to promote a SmartHealth activity. Here is how:

  1. See the SmartHealth Activity Tile Library to find activities you want to promote.
  2. Choose when you will promote the activity.
    • Tip: Check when the activity is live on SmartHealth. Some stay for the whole year, others less.
  3. Use the activity content to create promotional material.

Health observances

SmartHealth features health observances you can promote. Here is how:

  1. See SmartHealth Health Observances.
  2. Choose a health observance activity.
  3. Use the activity content to create promotional material.

Team activities

A fun and social SmartHealth feature designed to bring colleagues together. See the SmartHealth Team Activities you can promote.

Custom activity

Complete the SmartHealth Custom Activity Request Form to feature your most popular wellness campaign on SmartHealth. To help you get started, check out SmartHealth Custom Activity Examples for a list of successful custom activities created by wellness coordinators.


If you need help offering a presentation, engaging your leaders, or explaining the business case for SmartHealth or wellness at work, contact us.

Learn more about SmartHealth


For help with these resources
Email: wawellness@hca.wa.gov
Phone: 360-725-1700

For help with SmartHealth's website
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