Apple Health saved client money and helped build their business

Staying healthy and safe is always on Tara’s mind, especially with a son with asthma and eczema. Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage provided peace of mind to enjoy life and grow her family’s business.


Before Apple Health, her husband and son were paying $600 per month for a qualified health plan (QHP). When Tara left her job, she called Washington Healthplanfinder to enroll in a QHP. Since they only had her husband’s self-employment income, her son qualified for Apple Health for Kids with Premiums (CHIP) and her and her husband for a QHP with tax credits. Their $30 CHIP premium drastically lowered their monthly health insurance costs which helped them save money to invest into their business.

Tara had a hard time accepting help from Apple Health. When she finally told her mom about her son’s Apple Health coverage and how it covers everything, she reassured her the coverage is for anyone who qualifies.

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