WAC 182-526-0285 Orders of dismissal.

Effective August 18, 2018

  1. An order of dismissal may be entered when the appellant withdraws the request for hearing under WAC 182-526-0115.
  2. An appellant may file a petition (request) to vacate an order of dismissal under WAC 182-526-0290.
  3. An order of dismissal becomes a final order by operation of law, disposing of the appellant's request for a hearing under RCW 34.05.440 if:
    1. The appellant fails to appear at a prehearing conference scheduled to address the petition to vacate under WAC 182-526-0290 (3) and (4) (a).
  4. The health care authority or managed care organization action stands after an order of dismissal becomes a final order.
  5. The appellant may seek judicial review of a final order of dismissal to the superior court under WAC 182-526-0640.

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