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Provider Alerts 2019

Emails relevant to rules, Medicaid provider guides, and policies


Provider Alert


Physician-related services billing guide update


Revised Mental health services billing guide

1/30/19  Home Infusion Therapy and Parenteral Nutrition Billing Guide
2/7/19 Physician-related services billing guide update
2/8/19 Respiratory Care Billing Guide
2/19/19 Behavioral Health Services and Problem Gambling
2/21/19 Sleep Center Billing Guide update
2/22/19 Reducing the number of rulemaking notices
2/27/19 Inpatient Hospital Billing Guide
3/19/19 Fee-for-service (FFS) Preferred Drug List (PDL)
3/27/19 Apple Health Billing Guide updates effective 4/1/19
4/1/19 New Medical Equipment and Supplies Billing Guide
4/3/19 Apple Health - Mileage Limits increase for Ambulance Providers
4/10/19 Dental — Billing multiple units of deep sedation/general anesthesia
5/1/19 Ambulance and ITA Transportation Billing Guide update
5/1/19 Ground Emergency Medical Transportation Billing Guide
5/16/19 Hearing Hardware Billing Guide
6/3/19 Treat and Refer Program - Provider Attestation form requirement
6/14/19 Orthodontic treatment - changes to payment methodology - Effective 7/1/2019
6/21/19 Apple Health Billing Guide Updates - Effective 7/1/19
7/1/19 Orthodontic treatment - Payment methodology not changing
7/5/19 Oral Health Connections Pilot Project - billing change for periodontal maintenance
7/8/19 Orthodontic Services Billing Guide Correction
7/26/19 Medical Equipment & Supplies Billing Guide update
7/30/19 Orthodontic Services Billing guide - Effective 8/1/19
7/31/19 Substance Use Disorder Program Billing - Effective 8/1/19
8/9/19 Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) Billing Guide - Effective 7/1/19
8/15/19 Sterilization Billing Guide update
8/26/19 Family Planning Billing Guide updates
9/25/19 Orthodontic Discontinuation of Service (13-0039) form
9/27/19 Billing reminder for incontinence supplies
10/10/19 Dental Medical Care Services (MCS)
10/28/19 Revised Physician-Related Services and Outpatient Hospital Billing Guide
10/28/19 Revised Expedited Authorization (EA) List - Effective 11/1/2019
10/31/19 Revised Hearing Hardware Billing Guide update - Effective 11/1/19
11/08/19 New billing requirements for Non-Dental ABCD certified providers
11/18/19 Reminder Dental Medical Care Services (MCS) - Effective 1/1/2020
12/16/19 Hospital billing changes for dental services provided to managed care clients, effective 1/1/2020
12/16/19 Apple Health Billing Guide Updates - Effective 1/1/20
12/16/19 Dental Medical Care Services (MCS)
12/16/19 Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) non-dental providers
12/17/19 Expedited Authorization (EA) List - Effective 1/1/2020
12/19/19 Provider Alert | Dental Prescription Coverage | Due 12/19/19
12/23/19 Authorization of Secure Ambulance Transportation to/from Behavioral Health Services (HCA 42-0003) form revised
12/31/19 Updated Expedited Authorization (EA) List - Effective 1/1/2020