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Contractor and provider resources

This page contains billing and contract resources for behavioral health contractors, providers, and partners.

Provider relief funds

HCA was provided $100 million in provider relief funds. These funds come from the 2023 supplemental community behavioral health budget and HCA receives these funds July 1, 2022.

The goal of the funds will be used to provide one-time payments to eligible community behavioral health treatment providers contracted and receiving payment through a Managed Care Organization or Behavioral Health Administrative Service Organization.

What can the relief funds be used for?

These funds are non-grant-based payments that can be used for:

  • Immediate workforce retention and recruitment.
  • Costs incurred due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • Childcare stipends.
  • Student loan repayment, tuition assistance, relocation expenses, or other recruitment efforts.

Are you eligible? For questions about these funds, including provider eligibility, please email:

For MCOs and BH-ASOs

    The BHDS incorporates integrated behavioral health and substance abuse data, storage, and supporting reporting functions. It also includes data from two legacy systems:

    • The Treatment and Assessment Reports Generation Tool (TARGET), covering SUD clients and services.
    • The Mental Health Consumer Information System (MH-CIS), covering community mental health clients and services.

    BHDS data guide

    The data guide contains reporting requirements for managed care organizations (MCOs) and behavioral health-administrative services organizations (BH-ASOs) to meet state and federal reporting requirements related to funding.

    Transition resources

    The Global Assessment of Individual Needs-Short Screener (GAIN-SS) is a evidence-based, five-minute screening tool for general populations to identify clients who have one or more behavioral health disorders.

    For fee-for-service (FFS) treatment

    For substance use prevention

    Yearly surveys

    The Health Care Authority (HCA) partners with the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University to conduct yearly surveys for behavioral health providers and enrollees.

    For behavioral health providers

    This survey is an opportunity for BH treatment agencies to let us know about their agency, the improvement efforts they are currently undertaking, and the diversity of their behavioral health clinical staff.

    For behavioral health enrollees

    Who is invited to participate in the survey?

    • SESRC invites a random sample of enrollees who received outpatient behavioral health services.
    • Enrollees will be asked to complete the survey online or by telephone (US mail surveys are available if requested.)
    • The survey is voluntary, and the information collected will be kept confidential. All data will be reported in group form so that no identifying data will be available.