Contractor and provider resources

This page contains a variety of behavioral health resources for contractors, providers, and partners.

Important: Effective July 1, 2018, licensing and certification of behavioral health agencies and the Directory of Certified Behavioral Health Services moved to the Department of Health (DOH). Visit the DOH Behavioral Health Agencies page for more information.

    For behavioral health organizations (BHOs)

    In 2016, the state began purchasing behavioral health services through regionally operated behavioral health organizations  (BHO) through a managed-care structure.

    As a result of the transition, the Behavioral Health Data Consolidation (BHDC) project was started with the goal of developing and implementing a combined behavioral healthcare model, ultimately incorporating integrated behavioral health data collection, storage and supporting reporting functions and substance abuse data collection into a database called the Behavioral Health Data System (BHDS). This was done in collaboration with BHO representatives in a workgroup called the Behavioral Health Data Group (BHDG).

    The result of this collaboration is the data guide that determines how organizations format and submit data to DBHR:

    Transition resources

    For fee-for-service (FFS) treatment

    For substance use prevention

    System for Communicating Outcomes, Performance and Evaluation (SCOPE)

    SCOPE is a reporting tool that allows you to run both mental health and substance use related reports based on the CIS and TARGET data.

    SCOPE gives users several analysis tools and features:

    • Charting: after generating custom tables in the analyzer, most of you have the option of viewing the results as a chart. Vertical or horizontal bar charts, grouped bar charts, and line plots are all available.
    • Saved queries: for routine monitoring, many of you run the same query month after month as the data is updated. SCOPE allows you to save queries and rerun them with a single click of a mouse.
    • Expanded access: regardless of your role in the treatment system, if you are a registered user of SCOPE you will be able to generate results for the state as a whole, any county or BHO in the state, and any treatment agency. To protect patient confidentiality, if you are generating results for a county or agency you are not associated with, the results will be rounded to the nearest multiple of five.

    To register, visit the SCOPE data tools website.