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Enrollment next steps

Find information about how to use your Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage.

Once you're found eligible for Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage, you'll receive a letter in the mail sharing a link to your Welcome to Washington Apple Health booklet, which provides important information about your coverage. These booklets are now posted online and no longer mailed to new enrollees.

Your health plan will send you information, too. Be sure to keep this plan information handy for future reference.

Your Services Card

About two weeks after you enroll in Washington Apple Health, you'll receive a Services Card (also called a ProviderOne card). Keep this card. Your Services Card shows your client number, which you need to receive health services. You don't need to activate your new Services Card; it's already activated before it’s mailed to you.

Each member of your household who's eligible for Apple Health receives their own Services Card. Each person has a different client number that stays with them for life.

If you've had Apple Health coverage in the past (or had Medicaid before it was known as Apple Health), we won’t mail you a new card. Your old card is still valid, even if you had gaps in coverage.

You’ll see “ProviderOne” on your Services Card. ProviderOne is the computer system that coordinates with the health plans. It also sends you letters and handbooks. The number on the card is your ProviderOne client number.

If you don’t receive the card

If you don’t receive your Services Card by the end of two weeks after completing your Apple Health application, please visit the ProviderOne client portal to get a free replacement card. You can view other options available to get a new card by visiting "Replace my services card."

Health Plan Information

Health plan card

Your health plan will send you an ID card. Keep this card. Take both your Services Card and your health plan card with you when you go to a doctor, pharmacy, or other health care provider. You may also need a photo ID.

Enrolling in your health plan

If you applied for Apple Health online through www.wahealthplanfinder.org, you probably enrolled in one of the health plans available in your area. A health plan will be assigned to you, if you didn't enroll at the time you applied.

If another plan is available in your area, you can switch at any time by visiting www.wahealthplanfinder.org. See “Change my health plan" for other ways to change your plan.

Apple Health Managed Care health plans

Most Apple Health clients have “managed care,” which means Apple Health pays a health plan a monthly fee for your care, including preventive, primary, specialty and other health services. You can view detailed health plans, including plan contact information, at Apple Health managed care. You may change your plan at any time. Visit "Change my health plan" to view options to switch to a new plan.

Renewing your coverage

Your enrollment in Apple Health usually lasts for one year. We'll send you a letter to remind you to renew your Apple Health coverage, so it’s important that you keep your mailing address updated. The letter may say that you will be automatically renewed, be sure to confirm the information in your application is up to date. You can renew your Apple Health coverage online at www.wahealthplanfinder.org, by mail, or over the phone. The letter will tell you all your options in detail. See "apply for or renew coverage" for more details.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my client number if I don't have my card yet?

If you need to see a doctor or fill a prescription before your cards arrive, you have two ways to receive services:

  • Visit the ProviderOne client portal  to get your client number. Give that to the provider or pharmacist.
  • Tell a provider or pharmacist your name, date of birth, and Social Security number. They can look you up online and find your client number.

What if I lose my Services Card?

You may request a new card. There is no charge for a replacement card. It takes 7 to 10 days to get a new card in the mail. Your old card will stop working when you ask for a new one.

View the options available to get a new card by visiting "Replace my services card."

You can also view your digital Services Card any time via the WAPlanfinder app.

What if I lose my health plan card?

Call your health plan and request a new card.

How do I check to see if I’m signed up for Apple Health coverage or enrolled in a health plan?

You can check to see if your coverage has started by visiting the ProviderOne client portal or call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-562-3022. You'll need to know your Services Card number or Social Security number.

How do I find a primary care provider?

Your primary care provider is the doctor, nurse practitioner, other health care professional, or clinic you see for most or all of your health care and must be in your health plan network. Choose a primary care provider from your current health plan’s network, or the plan will help you choose one. Visit your health plan’s website to choose a primary care provider.

How do I make an appointment?

Your health care plan will send you information on how to make an appointment. Or, call your health plan and they can help you make your first appointment.

More information is included in the Welcome to Washington Apple Health booklet and in the materials you receive from your health plan.