Plan costs

We will provide information in September about your monthly plan premiums and other costs to receive care (deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, copays, and coinsurance) after final approval by the SEB Board. This information will also be included in the School Employees Initial Enrollment Guide, mailed in mid-September.

This table shows examples of the premiums school employees might pay.

Tier category

Premium tier ratio

Employee's monthly medical premium
(These amounts are for illustration purposes only.)

Subscriber only


($100 x 1)

Subscriber, spouse/state-registered domestic partner and children


($100 x 2)

Subscriber and children (any number)


($100 x 1.75)

Subscriber, spouse or state-registered domestic partner, and children


(100 x 3)

For more information about costs, see Your SEBB benefits: What do they cost? and SEBB money questions (fact sheet).