Tracking success

Preferred Drug List selection

The Washington State Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee uses evidence based reviews to compare the efficacy, effectiveness and safety of drugs in a therapeutic class. Then they recommend which drugs should be preferred on the Preferred Drug List. 

  • The committee consists of 10 practicing physicians, pharmacists and other prescribers.
  • The WA Prescription Drug Program (WPDP) coordinates open public meetings for the P&T Committee's drug class reviews.
  • Following the committee's recommendations, WPDP determines which drug(s) selected provide the lowest net cost to the state of Washington.
  • Our transparent process of evidence based decision making for safe, effective and lowest net cost drug coverage is expanding into new drug classes.

Lowering the price of prescription drugs

Along with the state of Oregon, we operate the NW Prescription Drug Consortium. We combine our two states’ prescription drug purchasing to lower the overall prices of drugs for our members. The consortium currently oversees administration of about $700 million pharmacy spending annually for over 1 million members.

Our consortium is always soliciting new members by responding to requests for proposals as part of an ongoing quest to increase the size of our drug purchasing pool.