Apple Health (Medicaid) rulemaking

This page includes all of the current rule making activity for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)

Bariatric Surgery
Affected WAC: 182-531-1600
Description: The agency is revising WAC 182-531-1600, Bariatric surgery, to reflect coverage changes made by the Health Technology Clinical Committee.
Agency contact:
Jason Crabbe, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 19-03-086
Filed: 1/14/19
Withdrawal (CR101) - WSR 19-08-003
Effective: 3/20/19
Palliative care case management/coordination services
Affected WAC: 182-531-0965, 182-531-0970, 182-531-0975, 182-531-0980, 182-531-0985
Description: The agency is amending this chapter to add rules regarding palliative care for adults.
Agency contact:
Melinda Froud, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-21-073
Filed: 10/11/18
Psychiatric physician-related services and other professional mental health services
Affected WAC: 182-531-1400
Description: The agency is revising this section to remove outdated language and implement provisions of SSB 5779 that promote integrated practice by removing nonessential limitations that restrict the scope and practice of behavioral health and primary care services, which include place-of-service restrictions for behavioral health providers
Agency contact:
Michael Williams, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-18-094
Filed: 9/5/18
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 19-11-056
Hearing date 06/25/2019
*Comments due by 6/25/2019
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 19-15-107
Effective: 8/22/19
Physician's Definitions & Enhanced Reimbursement - Medication assisted treatment (MAT)
Affected WAC: 182-531-0050, 182-531-2040
Description: The Washington State legislature provided funding to increase the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) rate for opioid use disorder to match the Medicare rate in order to encourage more providers to treat patients with opioid use disorder. This represents an exception to current payment methodology and needs to be described in the administrative code.
Agency contact:
Amy Emerson, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-14-112
Filed 7/6/18
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-20-041
Filed: 9/25/18
Effective: 10/1/2018 - 1/20/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-03-136
Filed: 1/21/19
Effective: 1/21/19 - 5/21/19
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 19-06-079
Hearing date: 4/9/19
*Comments due by 4/9/19
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 19-09-052
Effective: 5/12/19
Physician-related services requiring prior authorization
Affected WAC: 182-531-0200
Description: The agency is amending this WAC to remove the reference to consent forms and replace with “written acknowledgement.” This amendment will align WAC 182-531-0200 with 42 CFR 441.255(c), WAC 182-531-0050, RCW 7.70.060, and RCW 7.70.065.
Agency contact:
Amy Emerson, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-11-105
Filed: 5/21/18
Withdrawal (CR101) - WSR 19-08-097
Effective: 4/3/19
Gender dysphoria treatment program
Affected WAC: 182-531-1675
Description: In 2017, the agency began rulemaking on WAC 182-531-1675 filed under WSR 17-05-084 and held a public hearing on the proposed rules on June 27, 2017 (filed under WSR 17-11-140). After the reviewing the comments received at the public hearing, the agency reevaluated the project and has decided to make substantial changes and restart the rulemaking from the beginning.
Agency contact:
Amy Emerson, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-10-027
Filed: 4/24/18
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 18-20-123
Hearing date: 11/6/18
Primary Care Rate Increase
Affected WAC: 182-531-2030
Description: To comply with ESSB 6032, rulemaking is necessary to allow for an increase in rates for pediatric care services and vaccines.
Agency contact:
Vance Taylor, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-09-119
Filed: 4/18/18
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 18-14-082
Hearing date: 8/7/18
*Comments due by COB
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 18-17-047
Effective: 10/01/18
Scope of services physician & noncovered services (Vaccines)
Affected WAC: 182-531-0100
Description: The agency is revising these sections to clarify which vaccines the agency covers. During the course of this review, the agency may identify additional changes that are required in order to improve clarity or update policy
Agency contact:
Melinda Froud, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-09-074
Filed: 4/17/18
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 18-17-007
Hearing date: 9/25/18
*Comments due by COB
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 18-21-058
Effective: 11/9/18
Collaborative Care
Affected WAC: 182-531-0425
Description: As authorized in Substitute Senate Bill 5883, the agency is creating rules for a new model of care called Collaborative Care Model which is part of the integration of mental health and physical health.
Agency contact:
Amy Emerson, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-02-089
Filed: 1/2/18
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-08-017
Effective: 3/23/18-7/19/18
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-16-007
Effective: 7/20/18-11/15/18
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-23-069
Effective: 11/16/18 - 3/14/19
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 19-06-083
Hearing date: 4/9/19
Comments due by 4/9/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-07-049
Effective: 3/15/19 - 7/13/19
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 19-13-022
Effective: 7/10/19
Sleep Studies
Affected WAC: 182-531-1500
Description: The agency is amending this rule to revise the requirements for a sleep center to become an agency-approved center of excellence (COE). The agency plans to reduce the number of documents that must be submitted for each sleep center. The agency will instead use the sleep center’s certification by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), which requires the same documentation as listed in the current rule.
Agency contact:
Melinda Froud, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 17-23-149
Filed: 11/21/17
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 18-04-021
Hearing date: 03/13/18
*Comments due by COB
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 18-11-106
Effective: 7/1/18