If you are displaced or affected by wildfire, all Washington Apple Health and PEBB/SEBB medical plans are allowing prescription refills before the refill date.
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FAQs for school administrators

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) help you understand the SEBB Program and how it affects your school district, educational service district, or charter school.

Questions about corona virus and eligibility during school closures? See Information about novel corona virus (COVID-19).

The employee will have to wait until the next open enrollment to change it, unless they have a special open enrollment event that allows for a plan change. They can request a review to their payroll or benefits office, who should deny the plan change. The employee may then submit an appeal to HCA.

If employees do not choose medical, dental, and vision plans, they will be automatically enrolled in UMP Achieve 1 (medical), Uniform Dental Plan (dental) and MetLife (vision). These plans are available in all Washington counties.

Yes. Districts will provide benefits to any employee who works or is anticipated to work 630 hours within the school year.

The employee would receive benefits in the school year they become eligible. Anticipated hours would be reassessed for the new school year. If they reach 630 hours two years in a row and return to the same type of position, they will be presumed eligible for the third year.

The results of bargaining are applied to all employees of school districts and charter schools, regardless of their representation status, and to all represented employees of educational service districts.

If the dependent verification document is uploaded to SEBB My Account and approved, it is kept for a short while and then deleted. Some documents might be kept longer for auditing purposes. If the verification is denied, the uploaded document is kept until any appeals are completed. If a paper document is given to the benefits administrator and approved, it can be returned to the employee.  

The Legislature can only approve or reject the tentative agreement in its entirety. If the Legislature decides not to fund a tentative agreement, the parties are left with no ratified agreement, and both the state and the union coalition would need to return to the bargaining table.

They are automatically enrolled into UMP Achieve 1 (medical), Uniform Dental Plan (dental), MetLife (vision), basic life, basic accidental death and dismemberment, and basic long-term disability insurance. They are charged the tobacco use premium surcharge. Their dependents are not enrolled. In addition, they cannot change plans or enroll any eligible dependents until the next SEBB Program annual open enrollment or unless they have a special open enrollment event that allows the change, such as a marriage, birth, or adoption.

The employee becomes eligible on the day they reach 630 hours. Their coverage begins on the first day of the following month.

State law requires that bargaining with the union coalition be completed before October 1 to allow for a fiscal analysis of the impact of any tentative agreement. That analysis is necessary to inform the budgetary process that is the responsibility of the Governor and Legislature. In the past, with very few exceptions, this deadline has been met. For future years, the agreement stays in place if no successive  agreement is reached.