Interpreter services

Information about interpreter services available to individuals attending a health care appointment through their Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage.

Do you have language access or ADA questions or need to file a complaint?

Visit our nondiscrimination page

You are entitled to language access services when you attend a health care appointment covered by Apple Health (Medicaid). Your health care provider is required to provide these services according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

It can be considered discrimination if your health care provider refuses to provide language access services. Find more information about nondiscrimination.

How do I get an interpreter?

It’s easy, just let your health care provider know you need an interpreter when you schedule your appointment.

Your health care provider will reach out to HCA's interpreter services to schedule an interpreter. All interpreter services are provided through Universal Language Link. No additional action is needed by you!

What does my health care provider need to do?

Providers need to request an interpreter through HCA's interpreter services. They can visit the interpreter services webpage for providers or contact HCA's interpreter services for help.