DSHS and HCA forms, WACs, rule-making, and useful LTC links

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HCA and DSHS forms

HCA and DSHS WACs and rulemaking links

Aging and long-term supports intake phone numbers and links

For more information on who does what LTSS program, see Overview- Long-term Services and Supports chart.

CSD/ESA contact numbers

Health Care Authority (HCA) links frequently used by LTSS staff

Health Care Authority (HCA) Health Care Coverage - Washington Apple Health (WAH) /information links

HCA - medical assistance coverage

HCA - medical assistance administrative hearing rules

Managed care, TPL and long-term care insurance information

HCA NF billing guides

HCA help desk and online services

HCA smarter track mailbox for internal ProviderOne manual updates

When to use mmishelp@hca.wa.gov: Situation: Client gets discharged from a NF and cannot get a prescription filled because of the coding. We need to email mmishelp@hca.wa.gov when needing a manual fix in the system. This includes when we correct an incorrect date of death in ACES. Once the case is closed in ACES, any fix must be manually sent over to HCA to match ACES data.

HCA Medicare buy-in issues:

  • Field staff use Barcode tickler 102@MBU
  • For clients, contact the Medicaid Customer Service Center 800-562-3022

Federal Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Railroad Retirement links used in LTC

Useful links used in LTC. Washington LawHelp, Ombudsman, RCS complaint line, SHIBA