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How to participate

Prescription drug Discount Card

This state-sponsored program is available to all Washington State residents. There are no annual fees or hidden costs. You can save up to 60 percent on generic drugs and up to 20 percent on brand name drugs. It is similar to a grocery store club card where discounts are given at the cash register.

Employer group membership

If you are a private employer, labor organization or Washington government agency and would like to join the NW Prescription Drug Consortium, your employees will have access to the same statewide pharmacy network, mail-order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy services and receive the same competitive pharmacy rates we negotiated for our half a million members.

Become an Endorsing Practitioner

When practitioners and other prescribers endorse the WA Preferred Drug List (PDL), pharmacists are required to substitute a preferred drug for a nonpreferred drug. When an Endorsing Practitioner writes dispense and written, no prior authorization is needed and no therapeutic interchange will be made.

Stakeholder list

If you would like to receive Pharmacy & Therapeutic meeting agendas, Medicaid supplemental rebate requests, and drug class updates, please send your name and email address to Leta Evaskus.