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ArrayRx Card enrollment and customer service

Moda Health
Phone: 1-800-913-4146

Endorsing Practitioner

Moda Health

Employer group prescription drug plan

Robert Judge, Moda Health Pharmacy Director
Phone: 503-265-2968

WPDP staff

Leta Evaskus, ArrayRx operations manager
Phone: 206-521-2029

Apple Health (Medicaid) pharmacy questions

To ask pharmacy-related questions, use our online form.

  1. Go to HCA Support.
  2. Click Public. You will need a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account. (View instructions for accessing SAW.)
  3. Once you have logged into SAW, you will see the HCA Support portal.
  4. Click Make a Request.
  5. Click the Apple Health Pharmacy tile. This will take you to the online form.