PEBB My Account modernization project

During 2021-22, HCA is making significant enhancements to the PEBB My Account online enrollment tool. By early 2022, PEBB My Account will replace Pay 1 as your benefits and enrollment management tool.

Why are these changes happening now?

There are three main reasons:

  • Pay1, the current benefits and enrollment tool used by payroll and benefits staff is outdated, not user-friendly, and difficult to maintain.
  • Payroll and benefits office staff do not currently have the ability to enter information for employees directly in PEBB My Account as the system of enrollment.
  • Employees have very limited functionality in the current version of PEBB My Account. For example, they use it at open enrollment to make plan changes or may use it throughout the year to make tobacco use premium surcharge attestation changes. 

What is the timeline?

The enhanced PEBB My Account application will be ready for use by payroll and benefits staff as well as employees in spring of 2022.

What is changing?


The enhanced PEBB My Account will provide a more user-friendly application with expanded functionality. It will also significantly reduce several manual processes and paper forms. Specifically, the enhanced PEBB My Account application will allow:

  • Payroll and benefits office staff to manage all enrollment elections of their employees' accounts instead of using Pay1.
  • All employers to key their employees' data.
  • Employers to manage PEBB My Account access for their payroll and benefits office staff.


The enhanced application will allow employees to manage their benefits enrollment, reducing the need for paper forms. This will also provide opportunities throughout the year to self-manage their benefits when they have special open enrollment events.  

Employees will be able to use PEBB My Account to do the following: 

  • Make medical and dental plan choices during their initial 31-day eligibility period.*
  • Waive medical coverage during their initial 31-day eligibility period and at annual open enrollment.*
  • Manage their dependents' enrollment throughout the year and upload dependent verification documents.*
  • Reenroll previously covered dependents or waived self.*
  • Make long-term disability insurance elections.
  • Access links to other vendors' benefits such as life insurance, Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement, or Dependent Care Assistance Program. 

*Pending review and approval of their dependent's eligibility by their payroll or benefits office.

What is not changing? 

Many operational processes will remain the same for payroll and benefits staff. A few examples are noted below. Payroll and benefits staff will continue to: 

  • Send and receive the following: demographic information, billing files, reports accessible, etc.
  • Review their employees' eligibility and key enrollment for their new employees. 
  • Send inquiries to the Outreach and Training staff through HCA Support. 
  • Use Pay1 as the HCA Accounting system of record.