WAC 182-526-0605 Reconsideration of a final order entered by a review judge.

Effective March 16, 2017

  1. If a party does not agree with the final order and wants it reconsidered, the party may request the review judge to reconsider the decision.
  2. The party must make the request in writing and clearly state why the party wants the final order reconsidered. The party must file the written reconsideration request with the BOA and it must be received by the deadline under WAC 182-526-0620.
  3. The party should send a copy of the request to all other parties or their representatives.
  4. After receiving a reconsideration request, BOA serves a copy to the other parties and representatives and gives them time to respond.
  5. The final order or the reconsideration decision is the final HCA decision. If a party disagrees with that decision, the party must petition for judicial review to change it.
  6. If a party asks for reconsideration of the final order, the reconsideration process must be completed before a party requests judicial review. However, the party does not need to request reconsideration of a final order before requesting judicial review.
  7. The party may ask the court to stay or stop the HCA action after filing the petition for judicial review.

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