General eligibility requirements that apply to all Apple Health programs

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Applications overview

Revised Date: 
December 10, 2014

Purpose: This chapter includes rules and procedures for processing applications for Apple Health. It includes the following sections and rules:

  1. Filing an application

    1. WAC 182-503-0010 Who can apply for Apple Health?
    2. WAC 182-503-0005 How to apply for Apple Health?
    3. WAC 182-503-0060 What is the date of my application and how does it affect my health care coverage?
  2. Information needed to determine eligibility

    1. WAC 182-503-0050 Do I need to submit other information after I apply for health care coverage?
    2. WAC 182-503-0060 How long does the department have to process my application?
  3. Completing the application process

    1. WAC 182-503-0070 When does my health coverage begin?
    2. WAC 182-518-0005 What happens when my application is denied?
    3. WAC 182-503-0080 Can I still get health care coverage even after my application is denied?