Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage

Stakeholder training and education

Washington Health Care Authority (HCA) offers a variety of Apple Health (Medicaid) and Healthplanfinder training and education resources for stakeholders, providers, community-based organizations, tribal organizations, trainers, and assisters.

Community-based training

Community partners who are affiliated with a community-based organization in Washington State are offered the opportunity to complete eligibility training for Apple Health coverage and how to navigate in the Healthplanfinder application web portal. Partners may then apply for "volunteer" access in Healthplanfinder. Learn more about Community-based training.

Reference guides

Apple Health enrollment and reference guides are available for those who help individuals apply for and renew coverage in Healthplanfinder. Learn more about available Apple Health reference guides.

Webinars, video, and presentations

Health Care Authority and the Health Benefit Exchange provide educational webinars and presentations sharing information about Apple Health and Healthplanfinder. Learn more about webinars, video, and presentations.

Outreach toolkit

Apple Health materials for individuals looking for health coverage. Learn more about the Apple Health outreach toolkit.