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Foster Care

Find information about Foster Care programs under Apple Health (Medicaid).

Health coverage under Apple Health is managed by the Health Care Authority (HCA) for the following programs:

Foster Care

Children up to age 21 are placed in licensed foster care or a relative's home by the Children's Administration (CA) or a federally recognized tribe. A licensed foster care parent receives a monthly payment from CA. A relative placement may choose to apply for non-needy Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance. These children are eligible for Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage. Apple Health children in foster care (out of home placement) are auto-enrolled to Coordinated Care of Washington.

Foster Care Alumni

Individuals who were in foster care placement and received Apple Health on their 18th birthday remain eligible for health care coverage until their 26th birthday. This eligibility remains regardless of changes in income, household composition, or marital status, as long as they remain a Washington resident.

Adoption Support

Children who have been adopted are eligible for Apple Health coverage as long as they are receiving an adoption support payment. Children in adoption support may be eligible up to age 21.

Apple Health Core Connections (AHCC)

The Apple Health Foster Care (AHFC) program provides integrated managed physical and behavioral health coverage statewide, known as integrated managed care. With integrated managed care, a managed care plan coordinates and pays for both your physical and behavioral health services. Behavioral health services include mental health and substance use disorder treatment services.

These clients include children and youth:

  • Under the age of 21 who are in foster care (out of home placement)
  • Under the age of 21 who are receiving adoption support
  • Age 18 to 26 years old who aged out of foster care on or after their 18th birthday (alumni)

Apple Health Core Connections: Care coordination for all Washington State foster care enrollees is provided through a single, statewide managed care plan called Apple Health Core Connections administered by Coordinated Care of Washington (CCW).

Apple Health Core Connections can be reached at 1-844-354-9876.

Additional Foster Care programs

Children residing in a Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) group home are eligible for Apple Health coverage through the month in which they are paroled.

Children who need foster care placement are approved for resettlement in this country under the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) program. Children are placed in culturally sensitive foster homes and are eligible for Apple Health coverage. They remain eligible for Apple Health coverage up to age 21. URM youth are eligible for health care coverage until their 26th birthday if they meet qualified alien status at age 21. Individuals covered under the URM program are enrolled into Apple Health managed care. 

Options for children receiving adoption support and former foster care youth

Adoption support and alumni have the ability to opt out of managed care for their physical health coverage with a phone call to the foster care unit at 1-800-562-3022 ext. 15480.

If you decide to receive your physical health coverage through the Apple Health coverage without a managed care plan, you will have the option to select a managed care plan for your behavioral health services.

A list of the available Behavioral Health Services Only plans can be found in the Apple Health managed care plans available section. 


HCA Foster Care/Adoption Support
Email: fcmt@hca.wa.gov
Phone: 1-800-562-3022 (ext. 15480)
Fax: 360-725-1158