Community-based training

Find information for community partners affiliated with a community-based organization, about completing eligibility training for Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage.

Obtaining volunteer access in Healthplanfinder

Community partners who are affiliated with a community-based organization in Washington State are offered the opportunity to complete eligibility training for Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage and how to navigate in the Healthplanfinder application web portal. Partners may then apply for "volunteer" access in Healthplanfinder.

When the above six modules of training have been completed; please email to request the Health Care Authority Community-based Training Assessment Test. Once the volunteer community partner has returned this fully completed test to Health Care Authority and the Health Care Authority has determined the partner has passed the test, community partners may apply to receive system access in the Healthplanfinder web portal. This application for access includes a registration form, Washington State Patrol background check, and Health Benefit Exchange User Agreement.