Pregnancy services

Find information about covered pregnancy services under the Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) for pregnant individuals program.

Pregnancy-related covered services

If you're pregnant, enrolled in a managed care plan, and have questions about your pregnancy, delivery or postpartum follow-up care, call your health plan. Your plan can also answer questions about breast pumps and where you may be able to deliver your baby. Contact your Apple Health Managed Care plan for more information.

If you're not enrolled in a managed care plan, your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum follow-up care will be paid fee-for-service through Washington Apple Health.

Apple Health covers one manual breast pump per lifetime. All other types of breast pumps require a prior authorization from your provider.

Apple Health covers deliveries provided by a licensed midwife, nurse midwife or physician. Apple Health covers planned home births and births in birthing centers or hospitals. To determine what the best option is for you, talk with your maternity provider.

Apple Health for pregnant individuals includes physical and behavioral health services. Learn about Apple Health benefits and covered services

After-Pregnancy Coverage (APC)

Starting June 2022, if you are enrolled in Apple Health coverage and are pregnant, you can receive up to 12 months of postpartum coverage once your pregnancy ends. Learn how by visiting our APC webpage.

First Steps (maternity and infant care)

First Steps is a program that helps low-income pregnant individuals get the health and social services they may need and covers a variety of services for pregnant individuals and their infants. Learn more about First Steps.

Chemical-Using Pregnant (CUP) Women Program

Individuals who are pregnant, covered through Washington Apple Health, and have a substance abuse history may be eligible to receive CUP Women services provided by a CUP Women provider. Learn more about CUP.