Find information about immunizations covered under Washington Apple Health (Medicaid).

Note: View up to date information on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Childhood and adult immunization scheduling

Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) covers vaccines that are recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for adults and children in the United States. View the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) childhood and adult immunization schedules.

Apple Health clients can get needed immunizations from:

  • Your health care provider.
  • Some pharmacies.
  • Some local health departments.

Ask your provider to schedule you for recommended immunizations to protect you and your loved ones from diseases that vaccines can prevent. Ask your provider for more information on the scheduling of your immunizations.

Guidance from the Department of Health (DOH)

NOTE: Effective August 1, 2020, all immunization records turned in to schools or child care centers are required by state law to be medically verified. Your child can't attend until you provide these records. Learn more about school and child care immunizations.

Immunization records must be turned in to the school or child care on or before the first day of attendance. Records turned in to the school or child care must be from a health care provider, or you must attach paperwork from a health care provider to your handwritten form that shows your child’s records are accurate. Your child can't attend school or child care until you provide these records.

More information about the revised immunization requirement rules for school and child care can be found on the DOH School and Child Care Immunization webpage.

Reasons to get immunized

  • To keep you and your family healthy.
  • To keep your community healthy.
  • To protect loved ones from disease.
  • To stop the spread of disease to the most vulnerable populations.
  • Because other parents and experts agree it’s the best thing you can do to keep your family healthy.