Address Confidentiality Program

Learn how to update your contact information with Apple Health in a secure, confidential way.

What is ACP?

The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) can protect your address if you’ve experienced:

  • Domestic violence,
  • Sexual assault,
  • Trafficking, or
  • Stalking situations.

ACP also includes criminal justice employees and state elections officials who have been threatened or harassed because of their work. More than 5,000 residents are enrolled in ACP.

When someone enrolls in ACP, they are assigned a P.O. Box address that they can use as their legal home, work, or school address. State, county, and city government agencies are legally required to accept the secure address.

What services are offered?

ACP provides the following services:

  • Helps maintain the secrecy of your home, work, or school address.
  • Gives you a different mailing address.
  • Forwards first class mail from your secure mailing address to your personal address.
  • Helps you obtain many state and local agency services without using your real addresses.
  • Helps you register to vote or obtain a marriage license without having those records available to the public.
  • Provides you with an authorization card the size of a driver license. The card has your signature, secure mailing address, expiration date, and a toll-free number to the ACP office for information.

How do I enroll in ACP?

Contact an Application Assistant to enroll in ACP.

Application Assistants are located throughout the state in agencies and nonprofit organizations that provide advocacy, counseling, referral, or shelter services.

The Application Assistant will:

  • Explain how ACP works.
  • Explain participant responsibilities while enrolled in ACP.
  • Work with survivors to incorporate ACP into their overall plans.
  • Assist applicants with completing their application.
  • Forward completed application to the program.

Once an application is received, ACP program staff review and certify your enrollment for the next four years.

What are my next steps?

After enrolling in ACP, you will be responsible for:

  • Accepting forwarded mail.
  • Informing ACP of any changes in address/information.
  • Sharing the secure address and Private Mailbox (PMB) number with people sending you mail.
  • Renewing program membership every four years.
  • Carrying and presenting your ACP Authorization Card when interacting with state and local agencies.

Do not share your physical address with anyone. Government officials are not to ask for this information. Exceptions may apply under very limited circumstances. This is to protect your address.

State and local government agencies must accept your ACP substitute address when you use your ACP authorization card. They cannot require you to disclose your actual address.

If you are having trouble seeing a provider due to your participation in ACP, reach out to your managed care organization to find out if they are contracted with your current plan. You can also ask the provider if they accept your plan before scheduling your appointment.

A provider should not refuse to see you because of your ACP default address. If you experience this, call our Apple Health customer service team at 1-800-562-3022. 


Office of the Secretary of State

Toll Free: 1-800-822-1065
Local: 360-753-2972