WAC 182-540-023 Kidney disease program (KDP) - Change of circumstance

WAC 182-540-023 Kidney disease program (KDP)—Change of circumstances

Effective January 1, 2014

  1. A person who is approved for KDP is required to report changes in their circumstances to the KDP contractor within thirty days of the date of the change. The person is required to report the following changes:
    1. When total income for household members included in the KDP household size goes above two hundred twenty percent FPL and the change is expected to last for thirty calendar days or longer;
    2. When countable resources exceed the standards described in WAC 182-540-030;
    3. When there is a change in household members or household size;
    4. When the person is determined eligible for medicare; or
    5. When the person is no longer a resident in the state of Washington.
  2. If the change in circumstances reflects a change in the person's KDP eligibility, the person is required to fill out and submit a new KDP application, with a new effective date reflecting the changes made. The KDP contractor will end the person's previous application.
  3. If the person fails to report their change in circumstance which would result in the person's ineligibility for the program, the KDP contractor is not liable for paying expenses on the person's behalf. If expenses are paid on behalf of a person who is not eligible for KDP or eligible for Washington apple health, the requirements in WAC 182-502-0160 billing a client, do not apply.

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