WAC 182-540-030 Kidney disease programs (KDP) - Resource eligibility

WAC 182-540-030 Kidney disease program (KDP)—Resource eligibility

Effective January 8, 2016

  1. The person's household must have countable resources at or below the limits established for the qualified medicare beneficiary (QMB) program for the person to be eligible for the kidney disease program. QMB resource standards for an individual and a couple are listed at: https://www.hca.wa.gov/health-care-services-supports/program-standard-i….
  2. See WAC 182-540-021 to determine who must be included in the household when making a determination of whose resources count.
  3. The following resources are not counted:
    1. A home, defined as real property owned by a client as their principal place of residence together with surrounding and contiguous property;
    2. Household furnishings;
    3. One burial plot per household member or irrevocable burial plans with a mortuary;
    4. Up to one thousand five hundred dollars for a person or three thousand dollars for a couple set aside in a revocable burial account;
    5. Any resource which is specifically excluded by federal law.
  4. The agency follows rules for SSI-related medicaid determinations described in WAC 182-512-0200 through 182-512-0550 when determining whether any other resources are countable with the exception of subsection (5) of this section.
  5. The agency follows rules in chapter 182-516 WAC when a person owns a trust, an annuity, or a life estate.

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