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Appendix A - Use interactive voice response (IVR) to verify eligibility

Using the Medical Assistance Customer Service Center's interactive voice response system to check client eligibility.

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Appendix B - Verifying eligibility using a magnetic card reader or MEV service

General information on how to obtain eligibility through the use of a magnetic card reader or MEV service.

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Appendix C - Managed care organizations (MCOs)

Contracted managed care organization information.

Provider billing guide

Appendix D - Casualty claims and health insurance claims

General description of casualty and health insurance claims.

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Appendix E - Benefit services packages

Definitions of the different eligibility programs that are offered through Medicaid.

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Appendix F - Instructions to fill out the General Information for Authorization Request form

Instructions on how to complete the General Information for Authorization Request form.

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Appendix G - How to check status of an authorization

Directions on how to check status of authorization requests through ProviderOne and the interactive voice response system.

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Appendix H - Cover sheets for backup documentation

Describes what types of cover sheets are available and when to use them to submit additional information.

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Appendix I - Taxonomy and ProviderOne

This document will provide you with a definition of what a taxonomy is and how to verify it is attached to your provider file and allowed for the service being billed.

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Appendix J - Medicare crossover claim payment methodology

A description of how Medicaid will pay your crossover claims.

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