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Health fairs

A health fair is a great way to engage staff at work in health and wellness topics.

Why promote health fairs?

People love health fairs. People also like free giveaways! Here are three more reasons why:

  1. Visibly increase wellness at work
  2. Educate and connect staff to helpful resources
  3. Make healthier choices the easier choice

How can I get started?

Follow these steps to help plan, promote, and host a successful health fair.

  1. Build a budget one year in advance.
    One year may seem too far out, but the extra time helps. You don’t need a budget, but if you have the support think about food, drinks, decorations, parking fees, and more. To help boost participation, see our tips on a staff incentive or raffle drawing.
  2. Reserve your space at least nine months in advance.
    Choose a space that is easy to access for both staff and vendors. Also think about setup and cleanup. Make sure you include your facilities team when you plan. 
  3. Choose an event theme seven months in advance.
    The theme helps shape your promotions, decorations, and more.
  4. Create vendor invitations six months in advance.
    Draft and finalize an invite and key talking points.
  5. Plan what types of vendors to invite five months in advance.
    It’s not easy, but pick vendors your staff want to see. Your organization’s SmartHealth activity data can help. We also offer vendors ideas below.
  6. Invite vendors four months in advance.
    Make sure you include a deadline to respond.
  7. Plan your promotions three months in advance.
    Be creative! Think about how you can engage your staff. Pick options (email, flyer, meetings, desk drops, etc.) that will work at your worksite. A great internal resource is your organization’s communications team.
  8. Start promoting two months in advance.
    People won't come if they don't know it's going on. Keep promoting until your health fair starts. Involve and invite leadership and managers.
  9. Remind vendors one month in advance.
    A great chance to make sure they are coming. Find out if they have any needs such as Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and more.
  10. Plan your event layout three weeks in advance.
    The timing really depends on your facilities team. Find out what works for them so you can take care of key needs such as tables, chairs, extension cords, microphones, and more.
  11. Remind vendors one week in advance.
    Finalize logistics and details to help them show up on time.
  12. Have fun!

Vendor ideas

There are many great choices, but here are a few ideas.

  • Local resources
    • Banks, credit unions, financial services, chiropractic, county/city/state services, community supported agriculture, dance studios, dental providers, gyms, health departments, health stores such as Food Co-operative, natural medicine, nutrition services, parks and recreation, reflexology, self-defense, weight management, and yoga studios.
  • Health screenings
    • Blood pressure, body composition, and vision.
  • Interactive or demonstration
    • Chair massage, cooking, CPR, first aid, and yoga.

Incentive or drawing

A staff incentive or drawing is a fun and simple way to enhance your health fair. You don't need a big budget. Your vendors might even offer to help. Here are three simple ideas to try:

  1. Passport game
    Hand out passports to staff. They visit vendors to get their passport stamped. Once they visit enough vendors, they turn them in to win a prize or enter a drawing.
  2. Random drawing
    Just hand out tickets as people come or have people email in. Everyone has a chance to win!
  3. Staff appreciation
    Congratulate staff by featuring their attendance on your website, newsletter, or email. A simple thank you email or letter can go a long way.


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