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Upcoming public hearings

The following is a list of upcoming public hearings on our proposed rules.

What information can I find?

  • A list of proposed rules scheduled for that hearing.
  • The contact person for more information about the proposed rules.
  • Washington State Register (WSR) publication numbers.
  • A link to the Proposed Rule Making Order (CR-102) and the proposed rule text.

Select the WSR number (e.g., WSR 13-17-104) to view or print a copy of the CR-102 and proposed rule text. To comment on any CR-102, email the HCA rules coordinator or testify at the public hearing in person or virtually. If you have questions about the rule, send a message to the contact person.

Where are hearings held?

Until further notice, public hearings are being held virtually.

Virtual hearings

How to register for hearing

  1. Expand the container for the rule you are interested in.
  2. Find the Proposed Rule Making Order (CR-102) hearing you want to attend.
  3. Click the link for the WSR to open the CR-102.
  4. On the CR-102, click the registration link on the right (under Comment).
  5. Enter your registration information, including a valid email address. This registration information is part of the public hearing record and is subject to public disclosure.

Once you have registered, you will be emailed a link to the webinar. Each link is unique to the registrant. Registrants may not share links.

Additional information about virtual hearings

  • The webinar audio is recorded.
  • Attendees are automatically on mute.
  • Attendees cannot be seen by other attendees, except for Health Care Authority (HCA) staff who may be in attendance in the HCA conference room where the virtual hearing is being conducted.
  • Attendees who wish to testify must wait for the specific rule they are interested in to be read, then select the “Raise your hand” option.
  • The hearing officer will call on each attendee who has a hand raised, one at a time, and unmute their mic. At that time, the attendee may begin their testimony.
  • The hearing officer may limit public testimony to a specific timeframe because of time constraints. Written comments may also be submitted to supplement testimony.
  • The hearing officer may mute and dismiss (remove) an attendee from a public hearing if the attendee is disruptive or offensive. If removed from the public hearing, the attendee will not be able reenter the hearing.

Written comments can also be submitted through the remainder of the day of the public hearing. Email written comments to arc@hca.wa.gov.

Scheduled hearings

Ambulance Transport Fund - QA Fee
Affected WAC: 182-546-0125, 182-546-4700, 182-546-4725
Accepting comments
Hearing date: 07/06/2021
Description: Rules are necessary to provide for a quality assurance fee for specified providers of emergency ambulance to be added to the base funding from all other sources supporting additional Medicaid payments to nonpublic and nonfederal providers. Additionally, a section is being added for a dedicated fund established by the treasury as the ambulance transport fund.
Agency contact:
Valerie Freudenstein, rule writer
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 21-12-055
Hearing date: 07/06/2021
*Comments due 07/06/2021
Alien Emergency Medical (AEM) program
Affected WAC: 182-507-0115, 182-507-0120
Accepting comments
Hearing date: 07/27/2021
Description: The Health Care Authority is revising this section to allow for payment of office visits for clients under the Alien Emergency Medical (AEM) program when the visit is specifically for the assessment and treatment of the COVID-19 virus.
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 21-13-049
Hearing date: 07/27/2021
*Comments due 07/27/2021