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Trauma-informed approach (TIA)

Imagine a world where we interact with every life we meet as if we knew their story of hardship and trial and engaged with them from that knowledge.  Welcome to trauma-informed approach. 

What is TIA?

A trauma-informed approach (TIA) outlines how people are treated from the moment they seek and use supports and services. Payers, providers, and health care organizations must work to see the whole person without stigmatization for who they are and what they have experienced. "Addiction shouldn’t be called ‘addiction.’ It should be called ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking.”

How do I...


To create a culture shift toward a trauma-informed approach by:

  • Use federal block grant dollars to work with our partners in order to build understanding and support around trauma-informed approach. 
  • Collect data through a statewide survey to our external partners.

Who are our external partners?

  •  Accountable communities of health (ACH)
  • Behavioral health organization (BHO) administrators
  • Managed care organizations (MCO)
  • Family system partnership roundtables
  • Children’s mental health care coordinators

News and updates

  • Community partners with strong ties to behavioral health now have the opportunity to submit an RFA for transformation enhancement grants. Up to $50,000 will be awarded to organizations who are currently doing work to bring awareness to trauma-informed approach (TIA).  Awardees must use the funds to implement TIA in their organizations and their communities.