Healthy eating

Healthy eating at work can help fuel a happier and more productive staff.

Why promote healthy eating?

Healthy eating improves how we feel, work, and connect with others. Meet your staff where they are at by offering ways to eat healthy at work. You also save them the time, energy, and costs from trying to learn on their own.

How can I help?

Get started with the Healthy Nutrition Guidelines. In a collaborative effort with the Department of Health, these guidelines increase the availability of healthier food and beverage options at work.

Community supported agriculture

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a way to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Although each CSA program is unique, here are the basics of how it works:

  1. A farmer offers "shares" to the public (shares typically include fresh vegetables, but some also offer other farm products such as fruit, eggs, meat, or cheese).
  2. You buy a share.
  3. You get a box of seasonal produce and goods each week during the growing season.

You can offer a CSA at work to help your staff eat healthy.

Why promote a CSA?

By offering a CSA at work, you help your local economy and your staff. Here are three ways it helps your staff:

  • Access to fresh, local, seasonal food
  • Exposure to new produce and new ways to cook them
  • Grow a relationship with the farmer and their food

How can I start a CSA at work?

Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Use the Guide to CSA Delivery at State Worksites.
  2. Determine employee interest and management approval.
  3. Follow the procedures for establishing an agreement with a vendor from the guide.
  4. Find farms that deliver CSAs in your area. Use the links below to start your search: