Operations (PEB Board)

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program operates in accordance with state law, Health Care Authority rules, and decisions voted on by the Public Employees Benefits Board.

About the Board

The Public Employees Benefits Board, created within the Washington State Health Care Authority, decides on the following areas for the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program:

  • Sets eligibility requirements.
  • Approves premium contributions for eligible employees (these may vary for employees of employer groups).
  • Approves benefits of all participating health insurance plans.

The Board has eight members appointed by the Governor, seven of whom are voting members.

Board members

Members of the board and the areas they represent:

  • Sue Birch, Director, Health Care Authority (Chair)
  • Kurt Spiegel, state employees
  • Michaela Doelman, benefits management/cost containment
  • Elyette Weinstein, state retirees
  • Tom MacRobert, K-12 retirees
  • Monica McLemore, benefits management/cost containment
  • Harry Bossi, benefits management/cost containment
  • John Comerford, benefits management/cost containment (nonvoting member)
  • Michael Tunick, legal counsel